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The place where the great artist Amedeo Modigliani was born is in via Roma 38, on the main floor of a gracious building of the 19th century Jewish middle class from Livorno. The house is organized as a museum and recalls the whole life, as an artist and personal, of the famous painter with the help of photographs, letters, documentary evidence and reproductions. the itinerary ends with a tribute that contemporary painters made to him, donating some of their works inspired by the figure and art of Modigliani: among them, Bruno Ceccobelli, Mario Madiai, Pietro Cascella, Renato Guttuso, Mimmo Rotella, Tano Festa.

Livorno Aquarium

The livorno aquarium shows different areas. the visit is suitable for both adults and children and begins with a sequence of tanks introducing the visitor to the natural environment of mediterranean sea. all these habitats are perfectly rebuilt and help getting familiar with all the creatures that live in our sea

Boat trip of Medici canals

Welcome aboard the boat where you will experience an unusual and full of emotions trip along the Medici canals. The tour will be the chance to explore the culture of a lively and colourful city with a strong seafaring tradition. The boat trip of canals is a way to discover Livorno from a different angle. While moving through the waterways you will meet a peculiar city with its fortress, buildings and churches, all bridges and cellars at water level, an evidence of a long trading and harbor tradition.